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Helmholtz Coil

This Helmholtz coil was manufactured and assembled at Cavendish Laboratory workshop. In 1873 James Clark Maxwell helped push the design for the Helmholtz coil stating that “adding a third larger-diameter coil located midway between the two Helmholtz coils with the coil distance increased from coil radius R to √3R can reduce the variance of the field on the axis to zero up to the sixth derivative of position”.

Bacterial Collection Device

This device was designed and then manufactured at Cavendish Laboratory. Firstly a prototype was made to test to see if the device worked, before it was sent out to mass production. The idea for this device was to test bacteria in water all around the world, such as India and Africa. To help towards a better overall world.

Moons Project

Cambridge is responsible for designing the optomechanics and assembling, aligning and testing the six cameras of the spectrograph. The first set of optics for the first camera have been delivered and mounted in their housing. For more information please click here!

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Piston Vice

Strain Gauge - Wire Eroder

Titanium Vacuum Chamber

Monolithic Mount

LED Mount and Heat Sink

Base Plate

Device Holder

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