Cavendish Technical Services is based within the University of Cambridge but now have opened doors to the outside world. We have been providing a world class service for over 100 years and can now provide the same service to you.


We have a range of machinery to get your job done. We have 3 axis milling, mill-turn capabilities, wire eroding and a selection of manual machines. All here to get your job done to a high standard.


Priding ourselves in, not only our manufacturing but also our designing capabilities. We have years of experience in mechanical design and are open to work together to bring you what you need!


Not only do we offer machining services but we have the capabilities to carry out tig welding, brazing, soldering and sheet metal work. All to an excellent standard.


Cavendish Technical Services has an emphasis on high precision and quality finish. We have our own well equipped inspection department to ensure accuracy and consistency

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Reverse Engineering

By 3D scanning we can reverse-engineer a computer model of an existing part that is either identical to the original or one with specified changes.

About Our workshop

Here in our workshop we offer a wide range of services from standard machining to full design and manufacturing.

We use modern 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided manufacturer (CAM) packages but also can work from paper sketches and drawings.

Our highly skilled team are happy to advise you on designing and/or manufacturing your equipment to achieve your design objectives.

We are always continuously investing in the future, with our three most recent machines Mazak Millturn CNC Machine, DNM500 CNC Machine and Mazak Variaxis 5 axis CNC machine.

Forever Upgrading

We are always upgrading and expanding our workshop to makes things as quick and easy as possible for our engineers. We have recently purchased a zero point smart fixturing system and a tool setting probe for the Doosan DMN500, this will allow us to quickly change fixtures and set tools at an incredible fast speed. Also the new introduction of the ceratizit vending machine allowing us to get tooling 24/7!

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Our machines

Mazak Variaxis I-700T

Machine Specification:

  • 5 Axis with turning capabilities
  • 18,000 RPM
  • 40 Tool Changer
  • 40 BHP Spindle
  • Renishaw RMP600 Spindle Probe
  • Renishaw NC4 Laser Tool Setter
  • Maximum Job Size:
    • 1000mm x 600mm
    • Ø850mm

Work Loading:

This machine has a 10 point zero point fixture plate. Meaning we can add up to 10 vices for 3 axis machining.

We also have a 3 point pyramid fixture, which can hold up to 3 vices for 5 axis machining.

  • 10 – 80mm vices
  • 6 – 125mm vices
  • 3 – 160mm vices

Renishaw Probing

Both the Mazak Variaxis I-700T and the Doosan DNM500 are fitted with the latest Renishaw touch probe to assist with datum setting, inspection, and tool setting. Helping us create high tolerance work easier and quicker!  

Doosan DNM500

Machine Specification:

  • 3 Axis
  • 12,000 RPM
  • 30 Tool Changer
  • 20 BHP Spindle
  • Renishaw OMP60 Spindle Probe
  • Renishaw OTS Tool Setter
  • Maximum Job Size:
    •  800mm x 450mm

Work Loading:

This machine has a 6 point zero point fixture plate, as well as the ability to add a 2 point zero point fixture plates. Meaning we can add up to 10 vices for quick turn around of batch jobs.

  • 10 – 80mm vices
  • 10 – 125mm vices
  • 5 – 160mm vices

Zero Point Fixings

Most of our milling machines are kitted out with a zero point fixing plate. Of which our work holding devices can quickly and accurately be placed onto the machine. This means we can work more efficiently at getting your job complete.  


  • 3 Axis
  • 6000 RPM
  • 10 Tool Changer
  • WNT 3D Tester Probe
  • Maximum Job Size:
    •  490mm x 390mm


  • 3 Axis
  • 6000 RPM
  • 10 Tool Changer
  • WNT 3D Tester Probe
  • Maximum Job Size:
    •  745mm x 275mm


  • 3 Axis
  • 4000 RPM
  • WNT 3D Tester Probe
  • Maximum Job Size:
    •  990mm x 390mm


  • 3 Axis
  • 4000 RPM
  • WNT 3D Tester Probe
  • Maximum Job Size:
    • 725mm x 275mm

Mazak QT250MY

  • 2 Axis with live tooling
  • Main spindle 4000 RPM
  • Live Tooling 10,000 RPM
  • 12 Tool Changer
  • Maximum Job Size:
    • Ø250mm

Hydrafeed Multifeed

We now have a barfeeder attached to the Mazak QT250MY, this is an electro-pneumatic barfeed offering a simple and economical solution to maximise our productivity.

The maximum bar size we can use is Ø65mm


  • 2 Axis
  • 2000 RPM
  • Maximum Job Size:
    •  Ø200mm

Sodick Wire EDM ALC400G

  • 3 Axis travel
  • Maximum Job Size:
    •  320mm x 230mm (x 240mm High)
  • Smallest Capable Slot:
    • 0.34 mm (0.045mm Spark Gap)

This machine can do complex shapes with ease, see images below to see what the wire eroder is capable of…

Manual Machines

Milling Machines

  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill x4
  • Deckel Vertical Mill x2
  • Downham Mini Vertical Mill
  • Tom Senior Horizontal Mill
  • Microtap Tapping Machine
  • Pillar Drill x5

Turning Machines

  • Colchester Lathe x4
  • Harrison Lathe x2
  • Hardinge Lathe x2
  • Cyclematic Lathe  
  • Dean Smith and Grace Lathe 

Surface Equipment

  • Jones & Shipman Surface Grinder
  • Dewhurst & Partner Bench Grinder
  • Elliot Selector Bench Grinder
  •  W Canning Buffing Wheel


  • Baileigh Power Shear
  • Electro Arc Sparkeroder
  • Meddings Cutoff Saw
  • Startrite Bandsaw
  • Wheelabrator Bead Blaster        (500x500x800mm)
  • PDJ Vibro Tumbler x2

More than just MACHINING

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